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the relevant person in charge

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the relevant person in charge
Posted 06 September 2017, 6:30 PM
#493 (In Topic #391)
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Has been advocating "green, energy saving, environmental protection," the Beijing Jinyu Group to physical, graphic, etc. focused on the display of its more than 40 new building materials brand. Jinyu Group, the relevant person in charge said that the Group will show the overall strength of the show,park wood composite bench plan and will further adjust the industrial structure, production of "three environmental protection" products, to contribute to building a conservation - oriented society. Jinyu Group is the predecessor of Beijing Building Materials Group, has developed into a modern manufacturing,UK deck wholesale

real estate development, modern service industry, architectural decoration, commerce, scientific research in one of the large-scale comprehensive industrial group. The Group has nearly 100 subsidiaries, of which more than 40 Chinese and foreign joint ventures,eco-friendly wpc board deck
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