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also refused to make any comments

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also refused to make any comments
Posted 02 June 2017, 3:10 AM
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do not know the relevant departments involved in the investigation of CCTV; CCTV discipline inspection department in the reporter's connection, suddenly said they refused Interviewed by the media, the media had previously quoted them to report their views also refused to make any comments; CCTV Supervision Department for Li Yong incident also refused to make any statement to respond,how do i build a deck railing with hog pen panels do not want to disclose whether the host of business activities in the CCTV are restrictive. CCTV host in charge of the work of the cadres told reporters that the current refusal to accept the media interview. If there is a need for the media announced, they will be through a special press release channel released.villa garden deck

Only one day apart, Li Yong end of the door why the parties suddenly why the collective silence, Li Yong is really "wind against the crime"? CCTV will be how to deal with? Journalists will continue to pay attention. Industry News: Shenzhen flooring industry self-discipline Union Consumer White Paper 2007 on March 11, 2005, Shenzhen flooring professional committee to lead member companies,buy tongue and groove front porch wood deck
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